Angelica Ogando

Angelica Ogando is one of the most effective and requested Peak Performance Coaches for executive leadership. She has delivered leadership training for companies in finance, technology, and the fashion industry. Her clients call her the “people whisperer” due to the amazing results she achieves with them. Angelica is fiery, passionate, transparent, trustworthy, and dedicated to helping clients transform from the inside out. She integrates her business and life experiences, as well as her coaching skills to, develop success strategies with a long- lasting effect. Ms. Ogando is an International Powerhouse Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and a Change Maker.

She is the Founder and CEO of the Enriched Mind LLC and Co-Founder of Yoshida Academy which focuses on helping individuals to improve their leadership talents and public speaking skills, to convey their message as intended, gain confidence, and achieve extraordinary results. Angelica is a fearless champion of educating companies on Diversity and Inclusion geared towards people with disabilities as well as Latinas and women of color.