Dr. Sherri Reese


Dr. Sherri Reese has over twenty years of work experience in the field of development and financial education. Prior to opening Designed IV Greatness, a non-profit organization that teaches financial literacy and development, Dr. Sherri served as a Civil Rights Investigator for the government and the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and was later promoted to Human Resources Specialist. Dr. Sherri also serves as a Professor at Grantham University teaching Criminal Justice, Public Policy & Administration, Research Methods, & Sociology courses as well as building the curriculum.

Dr. Sherri began Designed IV Greatness to assist and teach others how to build wealth on purpose. Designed IV Greatness mentors individuals, couples, and families in life skills, goal setting, mind mapping, and finances. 

Dr. Sherri lives a service and seeks to help others to change their mindset in order to create a life of financial peace so that they can elevate beyond basic finance to wealth.
Dr. Sherri has a Doctoral Degree in Public Policy & Administration and Industrial & Organizational Psychology and holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University.