Lean In Women of Color introduces the inaugural Black Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project, an initiative that highlights a historical documentary that expounds on the experiences of our fore-mothers when they went into the workforce for the very first time and a podcast series that features interviews with black women leaders who reached the TOP of their industries. We also asked organizations to partner by letting us know ways they are working towards closing the pay gap. Each organization receives a  tribute in an episode.

The Black Women's Equal Pay Day Project is a sister project of the Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project which launched on Latinas Equal Pay Day, November 2nd, 2017, a landmark date which marked how long it took for Latinas to make what a white, non-Hispanic male made in 2016.

The pay gap hasn't improved for ANY group of women of color. In fact, it's widening. For instance, in 2017, the pay gap for Black women was 34 percent, last year it was 38 percent. This year it's increased to 39 percent. With a mission to dispose of the pay gap for Black Women, Lean In Women Color features interviews with black women leaders who believe in reaching back and offering advice to others.

We hope that our programming sends the message that black women are making significant strides in various industries, yet their visibility, voices, and experiences are crucial to global change.

Tune into their stories...

This project is in partnership with The Impact Alliance NFP | Speak Truth Summit.

About The Impact Alliance NFP
The Impact Alliance NFP, a diversity, equity, and inclusion culture change consulting firm which mission to educate entities on how to foster organizational cultures centered on diversity in all forms (i.e. race, ethnicity, sex, gender identification, religion, generation, ability, etc.) and inclusivity in all facets of the organization and to facilitate socially just culture transformation for the good of the organization as well as those they impact.

About Speak Truth Summit
Speak Truth Summit sets out to give voice and visibility to the state of women of color (WoC) in all facets of society in the United States by building an intersectional community among WoC by centering their truths where their voices keep being left out. Speak Truth also provides progressive and socially just thought-leadership, education, authority, and advocacy, and activates allies and partners around issues particularly and uniquely affecting WoC.