August 22, 2019 is Black Women's Equal Pay Day. Aside from working the entire previous calendar year, August 22, 2019 represents how far into 2019 a black woman must work to make what a white non-Hispanic male made in 2018 year alone. Gender and race equality and equity are critical in organizations that want to perform at the highest level. However, currently, black women have to work 233 more days than white men to earn the same amount of money. We can do something about it. Join us on August 22nd, 2019 for the launch of the Black Women Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project—a prescreening of Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II in Chicago, Lansing, Michigan, New Jersey and St. Louis and tune into the first episode of a podcast series with a mission to dispose of the pay gap for black women.

Three Initiatives in 48 Hours

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Discussing Black Rosie the Riveters to Highlight BWEPD

For Black Women's Equal Pay Day we are featuring the film "INVISIBLE WARRIORS: African American Women During WWII". An interview with the filmmaker will take place live on Facebook on August 20th and screenings of the film will be shown in four different cities on August 22nd to commemorate Black Women's Equal Pay Day.
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August 22, 2019: The Film Prescreening

Join us for the prescreening of “Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II,” a film that chronicles the story of the first Black women to work in industry and government administrative service during World War II and overcame sexual degradation, and workplace discrimination to break gender and racial barriers. Join a screening in Chicago, Michigan, New Jersey and Michigan. Check out our events>>

August 22, 2019: The launching of a New Podcast Series

On August 22nd, Tune into The Black Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project's, all new podcast series featuring black women leaders who believe in the importance of closing the pay gap and are reaching back to offer advice to others.
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Conversations for Equal Pay Podcast Episodes

Andrea Zopp, CEO of World Business Chicago calls on us to realize whether conscious or unconsious, bias still exists in workplaces.

Illinois State's Attorney Kim Foxx discusses the pay gap impacting black women, their complex history with justice and the disproportionate numbers of incarceration in black and brown communities.

Amy S. Hilliard, Founder of The Hilliard Group, Founder of Comfort Cake Co. and Former President of Fashion Fair Cosmetics discusses leaning in and what it means for black women.

Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago discusses personalities for leadership, why it's not that complicated to close the pay gap and what it means for women of color to leave behind a legacy.

In this honest conversation with Lenora Hardy Foster, CEO of Judson Center, we discuss the prove it again syndrome which is common for women of color, what it takes for a woman to lead and how to cope with the pay gap impacting women of color at every level.

In this cheerful interview with Dr. Jessica Esquivel, learn a bit about the work of a particle physicist. She opens up about what it felt like being an Only then finding that space that accepted her multiple identities. Also, Dr. Esquivel speaks out about the universal code of silence regarding pay.

Tune in to listen to powerhouse, Cherita Ellens discuss her challenges, hard work, and hurdles on her journey to leadership and her passion for making the world a better place.

In this interview with Carla M. Kupe, Esq, she speaks about the power of authenticity, what it means to boldly speak up about injustices, and how that impacts the inequality black women are experiencing in the workplace.

What some may consider a dream job, Erika Swilley, Senior Director of Community and Social Responsibility for the Detroit Pistons, discusses the work she is doing to empower its community. She also shares whether women should lean in for opportunities when they don't meet all the necessary qualifications.

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Learn more about the pay gap.
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Black Women’s Pay Gap by the Numbers

August 22, 2019 is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. That means Black women have to work all of 2018 and until August 22nd in 2019 to catch up with what men earned in 2018 alone. Read more>>

The Sister Project

The Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project promotes inspiring tips from Latina leaders. We asked companies to partner by nominating an outstanding Latina in their organization. Read more>>

What Companies Can Do

Gender equality is critical for organizations that want to perform at the highest levels, and it requires ensuring that women and men have the same opportunities. Read more>>

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