To dispose of the pay gap impacting black women, we are sitting down with leaders who offer strategic advice.


How Companies Can Close the Gender & Race Pay Gap

Companies with employees on diverse and inclusive teams put in more effort. Employees stay longer and demonstrate more commitment. To ensure that women of color are supported in the workplace, gender, and racial bias, and other types of stereotypes have to be understood and confronted.
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The Status of Women of Color in the Workplace

This year, we released Women of Color in the Workplace® first annual report. Nearly 150 women from different backgrounds across the country and other international regions responded to the study. Our findings concluded that women of color have the right skill sets but are underutilized and feel undervalued in their workplaces.

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There's no secret that WOC are undergoing a unique experience. Tune in for the latest discussion to explore the experiences of WOC at work and what we can do as women of color, allies, leaders, and companies to close the pay gap ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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We asked our partners to nominate a leader at their organization to lend their voice to the Black Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project. Click below and learn what they had to say.

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